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azraeldoesnotdispute asked: "AAC prompt: the Cheerios reactions after Blaine asks Kurt to prom :)"

"Heard Prince Charming popped the question today," Santana commented as Kurt walked out of the locker room, heading for the field. Santana fell in step beside him as they headed out to the field for Cheerio practice. 

"Yeah, well, so did at least half of the United States," Kurt replied. "Possibly some people in foreign countries know too." He thought back to the Tumblr posts he’d read earlier on his phone. 

"I don’t know why you two are refusing to go public," Santana said, but Kurt’s not in the mood. He’d already been through this with Blaine and he’d spent most of the afternoon dealing, once again, with stares and whispers. He’d just like to get through practice and go home. 

"I’m sure we’ll come out of our closet before you come out of yours," Kurt muttered, and then froze, struck by Santana’s hurt expression. "Oh, God, Santana, I’m sorry." 

"Just shut up, Hummel," she hissed. "You don’t know what you’re talking about." 

"No, I shouldn’t have said that," he pressed, even as she sped up. Once they reach the field, he’ll be swarmed by the rest of the girls who want to talk to him about "dreamy" Blaine Anderson, and he’ll lose his chance. "Seriously, I’m annoyed with Blaine, not with you. I was out of line, and I shouldn’t have said that." 

"No, you shouldn’t have," Santana speaks quietly. "And you’re wrong." 

"Right or wrong, it was a bitchy thing to say," Kurt apologized again. "I shouldn’t have." He hadn’t realized how much pain Santana was in until right then, and Kurt resolved to try and be there for her, as much as she’ll let him. "I’m just frustrated with Blaine." 

"He not giving it up?" Santana grinned, and just like that, Kurt knew he was forgiven. 

"We are so not going there," Kurt laughed. 

"One of these days, Hummel, I’ll get it out of you," Santana promised. "All the kinky details."

"Over my dead body," Kurt replied. 

"That can be arranged," she continued, teasing.

"Hey, Ladies!" Coach Sylvesters voice, amplified by her megaphone, reaches their ears. "What are you two waiting for, a tram? Move it!" 

They both jumped and scurried over to the group. The other girls, as predicted, are on Kurt in seconds. Kurt lost track of the questions thrown his way, the excited chatter of the girls overwhelming him all while Brittany talked about how he and Blaine should show up at prom in a carriage pulled by unicorns. The other girls don’t let it go, even as they launch into their routine, still hissing questions his way. 

"Enough!" Coach Sylvester shouts into her megaphone. The music cut. "You think this is hard? Try smiling after a botox injection. That’s hard!" They’ve all gone quiet. "The next time I hear some kind of high pitched noise that sounds like should be coming from a dog instead of a person, or any mention of things related to prom, you will all run laps. Am I clear?" 

Kurt shoots Coach Sylvester a grateful look as the music starts up again. “That includes you too, Porcelain! Move it!” 

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