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Chris Colfer Book Signing (Columbus, Ohio)

Misc Details

For those who are coming to the signing and may not be familiar with the Columbus area, I thought I’d do a little informative post. I drove past the bookstore yesterday to get the lay of the land. 

There are four restaurants with in walking distance (the farthest is probably 15 minutes away, give or take). There is a “Cup O’ Joe” next door to the shop, think diner/coffee shop, and a Starbucks across the street. About two blocks down on the right is a Max and Erma’s, and about four - five blocks to the left is a deli called Katzingers.  There are some misc shops in the area but nothing really special. 

Parking looked to be limited - the store does have a parking lot and there are spaces on the street where you can park also (but it’s two hour parking). There is also metered parking (but it might be two hour parking as well). If you plan to drive to the venue, you might want to park in a parking garage or pay to park lot and walk over (especially if you think you will be there for awhile) - though it could be a bit of a walk because there aren’t really any close by. You can also get around the city via Cota bus (our city wide bus service, which costs a couple of dollars to ride) and you can find more information on their website

Finally, it’s construction season in Ohio!!! Be prepared for horrible traffic and orange barrels, especially on parts of the interstates (*glares* at the southwestern portion of I-270). This is a really great site that can tell you about road closures and construction that might detour you out of your way. 

If you have any questions, ask! If I don’t know, it should be really easy for me to find out. :) 

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  12. castielandrson said: Thank you so much for posting this! I’m going to be coming from southern Indiana, so this is really helpful. :) I’ve traveled through the area many times before, so the construction isn’t a surprise. Sucks that the buses are on strike, tho. :\
  13. sacteach said: I’m nowhere near Columbus (going to the NorCal signing events), but this is awesome info for those going to the signing - thanks for helping out!