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unusualblainersarchive asked: "Prompt : Since the fans now know Kurt's tumblr, maybe some Tumblr Questions like the actors sometimes do a Q&A on Twitter, including some answers from Blaine too, maybe an inappropriate question or two and the fans reaction on the answers? *brings flowers*"

Combining about six prompts for this: 

niamhrmsmith asked:  Can you do one where Kurt interacts with fans? (like an ask) assuming that it is canon that the fans found his tumblr?  

missmardybum asked:  Do you think you will use the New Direction performance “Born this way” in Chances are ? If not the case, I would love read a drabble about Blaine discovered the video  

Anonymous asked:  AAC prompt: Blaine’s reaction to see a video of Kurt performing Barbra Streisand at the mall 

crazylikebagelbites asked:  AAC prompt: When Blaine finds out about McKinley’s Rocky Horror production (and maybe sees picture/video of Kurt in it). 

Klaine Tumblr Q+A

Anonymous asked: Who’s the little spoon? You or Blaine?

I almost didn’t answer this… but it’s usually Blaine.

Oh, God, he’s going to kill me.

Anonymous asked: What was your first kiss with Blaine like?


Because we had a water fight. :)

Anonymous asked: Blaine, have you seen the videos of all of Kurt’s performances with New Directions?

Hey! This is my Tumblr. Blaine can go get his own.

I resent that, darling. And yes, I have. Kurt’s an amazing performer. I might have needed a cold shower or two after a couple of them.


What? If you can’t be honest on the internet, where can you be honest?

Anonymous asked: You guys are so cute! Are you planning on getting married?

We’re not ruling it out.

Don’t lie, Kurt. I’ve seen the stack of wedding magazines in your hope chest.



They’re so adorable. #married

So, so married already, jfc

I don’t know what to do with myself.

I didn’t actually think they could get more perfect and then I saw this and omg they can and why are they doing this to use, oops freaking out now.

I’m crying. Literally crying because they sound so happy and in love. 


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