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This is a Multi-Fandom Blog. While I am predominantly a Klaine/Glee blog, other fandoms and ships will turn up. I do my best to tag stuff that is not Klaine/Glee.
My current ships:
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I also post Mia and Will stuff, if they turn up in posts with Darren or Chris, and it's also tagged. If it upsets you, please don't follow me.
Spoiler Policy: Please don't leave detailed spoilers in my ask. I avoid any and all spoilers that are not episode stills, tweets from the cast, or song titles/singers.

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chriscolferiseverything replied to your post: MY DOWNLOAD IS DONE. BLESS. 

which did you use?? i tried it with a few but they just didn’t start and now i’m downloading the torrents but that’s at least another 4 hours..

720p torren from piratebay. It took about an hour.

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  1. chriscolferiseverything said: thanks :)
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